Sunday, December 25, 2016

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trivandrum Revenue District IT Quiz - HS Section 2016

Hi friends, here we are presenting the Trivandrum Revenue District IT Quiz High School section questions.We have our sincere thanks and wishes to Dr.Unnikrishnan V S for sharing the questions with us

1.Which is the  Operating System developed by Ray Tomlinson ?


2. IT Law in India became effect on ?

Ans: October 17 , 2000

3.What is the singular for of 'Data' ?


4.Identify the logo


5.Identify her

Ans:Sudha Murthy

6.Expand ICANN

Ans:Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

7.Expand GIF

Ans:Graphics Interchange Format

8.Expand HTTPS

Ans:Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

9.Identify this software


10.Identify the software

Ans:SynFig Studio

11.Write any 2 examples of animation softwares used in edubuntu

Ans:Tupi, Blender

12. Write the softwares which helps us to prepare a report and present it in your class under 10 minutes. (In Edubuntu)

Ans:Libre/Open office writer

13.CEO of Google ?

Ans:Sundar Pichai

14.CEO of Whatsapp ?

Ans:Jan Koum

15.What is Cyber Terrorism?

Ans:The politically motivated use of computers and information technology to cause severe disruption or widespread fear.

16.Whose activities played a major role in the failure of Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Presidential Election? [email leaking]

Ans:Julian Assange

17.Who developed 'Python' programming language ?

Ans:Guido Van Rossum

18.Whose headquarters ?


19.Expand NEFT ?

Ans:National Electronic Fund Transfer

20. Expand CSS

Ans:Cascading Style Sheets

21.Identify the person along with Steve Jobs

Ans:Tim Cook

22.How many function keys are there in a standard keyboard ?